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Myofascial Release


Myofascial Release (MFR) is a broad set of techniques used by physical therapists and other health care providers to relieve pain and improve physical functioning through the manipulation of the fascial network.  Fascia is a connective tissue system found throughout the body and is also the most abundant tissue in the body.  Unlike other body systems, it is unique in that it’s a continuous, 3-dimenstional web that extends from head to toe without interruption, appearing similar to that of a spider’s web.  Fascia lines and covers every muscle, bone, nerve, organ and blood vessel, and there is nothing it doesn’t touch. It is the one system in our body that connects all the other systems together and is therefore the cornerstone in our overall health and wellbeing.


In the normal healthy state, fascia is relaxed and well hydrated with the ability to stretch and flex.  This allows our body to move, and to absorb and adapt to stress the way it was designed to.  With injury or trauma (repetitive activities, accidents, falls, surgeries, mental and emotional stress to name a few) fascia loses its pliability.  It becomes tight and dehydrated, sticking to whatever structure it’s next to.  When this occurs the result is limited movement, pain, and loss of physical function.  Restrictions in fascia also cause inflammation of joints and soft tissue, compression of bones and nerves, organ stress, and poor posture.  Science has shown that adhesions in the fascial network can create pressure on structures in our body of up to 2000 pounds per square inch!  Without the constant balanced pull of the fascial network there is a loss of equilibrium in the body resulting in pain and dysfunction of one, or more, of our body systems.


Myofascial Release therapy allows a therapist to engage this three dimensional system and manipulate it, releasing adhesions and restoring the body’s normal healthy balance. Using highly specialized and advanced techniques to treat these restrictions takes pressure off of the joints, nerves, organs and improves the flexibility of the muscles and spine. The end result is improved posture, a reduction in pain and improvement in the patient’s overall health and quality of life.


CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a light-touch approach that releases tensions deep in the body and central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord) to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

Everyday you endure stresses and strains and your body absorbs all of them. Unfortunately, your body can only handle so much tension before the tissues start to tighten, potentially affecting the brain and spinal cord and thereby every other system in your body. In the end, this can result in compromise of the function of things like your muscles and nerves, proper organ function, even issues with headaches, eyesight, and memory. CaranioSacral Therapy releases those tensions held deep in the body to allow the body to relax and self-correct. In conjunction with Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy can create dramatic improvements in your life.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a safe and effective procedure that involves placing a very small needle (envision 1/3 the width of a human hair) into a muscle “knot” or trigger point. In doing so, the tension held in the band of muscle is released resulting in decreased pain and tightness, improved range of motion and flexibility, as well as improved function. This form of dry needling is the perfect adjunct to myofascial care in that it allows access and treatment of restrictions found deeper within the body that may be harder to treat or less responsive to traditional care.

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