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Southern Maryland Myofascial Release

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Specializing in Myofascial Release~CranioSacral Therapy~Trigger Point Dry Needling

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Southern Maryland Myofascial Release, Inc. is a private physical therapy practice located in Mechanicsville, Maryland dedicated to treating you-the unique individual. Nestled in the quiet countryside near the Chesapeake Bay, we treat our clients using the advanced Myofascial Release techniques developed by John F. Barnes, PT.  These techniques, in conjunction with other therapies such as CranioSacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Trigger Point Dry Needling, allow for the holistic treatment of our patients. All of our therapy appointments are one hour hands-on with the therapist, an experience not often had in today’s physical therapy practices. We take the time to hear your story, learn about your condition and goals, and work with you to obtain them. Not only that, we extend the care you receive to include lifelong self care techniques to ensure you stay healthy and pain free for the long run.  We are the only clinic in our region offering you this true and transformative healing experience.


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Conditions Treated:

Neck/Back Pain



Chronic Pain


Post-Concussion Symptoms


TMJ/Jaw/Face Pain

Joint Pain/Inflammation

Nerve Injuries

Reptitive Stress Injuries



Post-Partum Care

Cesarean/Pelvic Scars

Athletic Injuries

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Discovery Visit

This FREE 30-minute visit will acquaint you with our office, the tools & techniques we use, as well as provide you with information about how myofascial release can benefit you personally. This appointment is one-on-one with our physical therapist to answer your questions, address your concerns and make sure we are a good fit for you. From there you can book your appointment and get going on the road to recovery.

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Office Hours by Appointment Only


Please Contact Us For Scheduling


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